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14 Days Intensive Course in Thailand
Deepen and enhance your practice

it is okay to be relaxed
-welcome home-

September 1st - 15th, 2024

The intensive Thai Massage training for experienced students or practitioners,
who want to take their practice to the next level and
seek for a deep journey of self-discovery.

For Thai Bodyworkers, Course Graduates and Thai Massage Therapists

Gain regular customers, who recommend you as an insider tip for effective Thai Massages


You already have a Thai Massage business, but there are still gaps in your schedule that you would like to fill with customer appointments.

After a Thai Massage you are pretty much done because you are trying so hard to give something good and working with strength.

It’s not clear to you how to bring the 5 elements onto the mat in order to work holistically, even in short massage sessions.

Despite your efforts, little happens; your clients don’t book follow-up appointments or don’t come back. You wonder what went wrong.

In order to be able to give Thai Massages authentically, you would like to immerse yourself into a deep personal experience. So you are looking for the right place for it.

Why successful bodyworkers go on Thailand Retreats themselves

This Thailand Retreat gives you the feeling your customers are seeking for to get from you.
Our outside world works like a mirror. What you send out radiates back to you.
In our Thailand Retreat you have the opprtunity to immerse yourself in another world, far away from everyday life.
You slowly digest what you have learned as you continue to practice and exchange ideas with the participants. So you constantly live what you have learned.
All that greatly enriches your Thai Massage practise.
In the Thai Massage Retreat you will experience a deep connection to the original source. This means you can give authentic Thai Massages. And your customers will appreciate that.
>> You will learn how to refine the quality of your touch and why clear alignment is so important for your body flow.
>> We give you clear massage concepts so that you get a strategy for your massages.
>> You will learn a holistic massage sequence that you can easily combine with your own massage elements.
>> With targeted exercises you sharpen your inner alignment, presence and intention.
The Thailand Retreat includes a detox package with a Yoga morning routine, massage treatments for you, nourishing full board and steam baths made from fresh herbs.
There is a clear daily structure so that you don’t have to worry about anything for 14 days and you just focus on yourself.
>> Your self-healing begings.

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure?

Than we have something for you!

Thai Massage Retreat in Thailand
Thai Massage Retreat in Thailand

Management of the Thailand Retreat

Your Thai Massage Teacher


Katja Mögler

Certified in Thailand a.o. as

“Choosing the right techniques to fulfill my client’s wishes was one of my biggest challenges after my first Thai Massage trainings. I was not sure what exactly my techniques achieve and what concepts are behind.
Today I am fully booked many weeks in advance. I have a long waiting list and even customers, who take extra vacation time or drive long distances to get a Thai Massage appointment with me.
Do you want that too?
In the THAILAND RETREAT you will learn the bundled essence of my almost 15 years of experience. I’ll show you my approach, which leads to deep relaxation and gives the soul it’s space.
For the THAILAND RETREAT I chose a place of power in Thailand that has stuck with me for years. There, I experienced my most intense learnings and deep physical experiences. This place, I would like to share with you.”

Retreat-Angel Robert


Certified a.o. as

“Despite my many years of massage training, I initially found it difficult to work with massage clients in a relaxed manner.

I was so focused on being there for the other person that I neglected my own attitude and worked with great effort. My breath couldn’t flow freely and I was exhausted after a massage.

In the THAILAND RETREAT, you will learn how to relax while massaging, so you can reach the meditative state that is so important for this type of body work.

With my Shiatsu experience, I will show you methods that refine the quality of your touch, so your Thai Massage Sessions become always sensitive and the other person feels “seen” through your touch.

The Thai Massage Experience is not just a name; we want you to experience Thai Massage in the place of its tradition and immerse yourself in a deeply personal experience.”

“Mindful touch guides you across
the bridge of body and mind
the space of the soul.”

Katja Mögler
Founder of YOU & THAI®

Location, Rooms and Facilities

Baan Hom Samunprai - „The House of Sweet Smelling Herbs“


The Retreat takes place at the Baan Hom Samunprai Thai Massage School, a well-hidden place of power in Thailand. It is located about 10 km from the temple town of Chiang Mai, in Tawangtan/Saraphi, nearby the river Ping.

Life is characterized by a rural idyll with colorful markets, extensive rice fields and Buddhist temple complexes.


As accommodation, we have 6 traditional stilt farmhouses with a total of 13 rooms at our disposal.
Depending on your wishes and availability, we can offer you the following accommodation options:

From double rooms with double beds to single rooms, there is something for every wish.

Each of the simple rooms is furnished differently and has its own individual charm.
Ceiling fans provide a pleasant breeze and all rooms are screened off with gauze against mosquitoes and other uninvited guests.

The houses are all equipped with hot showers and sanitary facilities.

As is common in rural areas of Thailand, the houses surround a pond that is home to many colorful fish and other aquatic creatures. The stilt houses and the garden offer shady places and a variety of opportunities to relax. This way you can observe the lush flora and fauna and let it work its magic on you.



Practiced/Advanced/Experienced/Thai Massage Practitioner

Please notice that you will not acquire any basic knowledge here.

You should know at least one sequence, the body lines, be able to work with your hands, elbows and feet – no matter what school you studied at before.

If you are unsure whether this Thailand Retreat is right for you, please contact us.


* UPDATE: Last 5 free places are available!


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